AET SILLASTE Ayurvedic practitioner

Head massage workshop for hairdressers

Workshop introduction:

If you want to personalize your hairdressing skills and offer more personal service to your client then this workshop is for you. Aet will teach you to give a relaxing head massage which is put together just for hairdressers.  

Why is this workshop useful?

  • ‚ÄčHead massage is good to prevent stress and different skin problems. About this we will talk in workshops theoretical part. Also we discuss about natural oils that are good to use in giving head massage.  
  • In practical part of the workshop we learn different massage techniques. We practise in pairs and this way everyone will give and receive massage. Receiver and giver can give different tips to each other. 

  • Participants are ready to use their new skill in their work right after the workshop. Certificate will be provided for concluding the class. 

  • Massage can be done with oil or without oil, it is possible in the workshop also.

You learn to give a 20 minutes head massage. Massage can be separate service or included in the hairdressing service. 

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