AET SILLASTE Ayurvedic practitioner

Ayurvedic head massage course

Course introduction:

One of the important ayurvedic therapy from all the Ayurvedic therapies is Ayurvedic head massage. It is good for removing stress, headache and insomnia problems. It is done in fast pace and with a lot of oil, all the movements are repeated like a mantra. Knowing how to do it is like a first aid skill for yourself or even whole family.

Why it is good to learn Ayurvedic head massage:

1) It is comfortable and relaxing, even meditative process which helps to find inner peace and connection to yourself
2) It helps with removing stress, headache and insomnia problems
3) Release tension and calms the mind
4) Helps to boost contsentration

Course nature and structure:

Head massage has three parts: head massage, neck massage and face massage. Every step is about 20 minutes, so massage is around one hour long.

Course is set up the way that allows all participants to practice all three steps. Finally everyone is giving and reciving whole massage. Course is set to two days. 

For who the course is meant to:

This course is meant for people who will continue to practice it. Also I introduce ayurveda principles, talk about different oils and how to use them. I teach how to support and balance yourself as a masseuse. Supporting yourself is the most important because then clients have better results.

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