AET SILLASTE Ayurvedic practitioner

Ayurvedic foot massage course

Course introduction:

Second important ayurvedic therapy from all the Ayurvedic therapies is Ayurvedic foot massage. Feet have many relevant marma points and feet reflect body's condition through different areas and points on the foot. It is advisable to take care of your feet daily. 

Why it is good to learn Ayurvedic foot massage:

• it relaxes muscle and nerve tension,
• makes feet soft and flexible,
• fixes feet skin problems,
• fixes blood circulation and increases mobility

Course nature and structure:

Foot massage is also done with a lot of warm oil and Abhyanga massage movements. Also learn marma points on the foot and reflexology of the feet. All the participants receive and give massage in the course, because the effects of massage are then experienced. 

For who the course is meant to:

This course is meant for massauses and people who would like to supplement their skills. Course suits for pedicureres. Course is meant for small group to individually learn every step. 

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