AET SILLASTE Ayurvedic practitioner

Ayurveda and abhyanga oil massage 5-day course 

Course intoduction:

5-day long abhyanga oil massage course with living ayurvedic lifestyle. Daily rituals, ayurvedic food, oil massage learning.

Why it is good to learn Abhyanga oil massage:

• balances nerveous system,
• it softens the skin and fixes skin problems,
• increases joints mobility and flexibility,
• fixes blood circulation,
• increases immune system and health,

Course nature and structure:

Every morning ayurvedic morning rituals to increase well-being of yourself, balance mind and body, to set yourself ready for the coming day.
Learning abhyanga oil massage.
Introduction to ayurveda principles.
Ayurvedic bodytype test. 
Self massage, evening meditations.
Discovering nature and walk on the Nõva beach.
Swim in the sea.
Relaxing sauna. 
Accommodation in two or three person bedrooms. 

Course time and place:

Tourism house in Nõva, Läänemaa, Estonia.
Course date: 15-20 august 2018 (15 aug. at 19.00 to 20 aug. 14.00

For who the course is meant to:

This course is meant for massauses and people who would like to supplement their skills.  Course is meant for small group to individually experience abhyanga and ayurveda lifestyle.

More precise info (in estonian):

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