AET SILLASTE Ayurvedic practitioner

My name is Aet. I am ayurvedic practitioner.

I have been fascinated by different holistic therapies for some years. 

On my journey I have learned following practices:

  • Kundalini yoga 

  • Reiki

  • Hatha yoga basic course in Thailand 

  • Andrew Barnes energetic body dearmoring 

  • Ayurvedic studies in Estonia (2013)

  • Ayurvedic studies in Rishikesh (Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh, India 2013), in Kerala (India 2014), studied and practised ayurveda by myself and with different teachers.

  • In 2016 in Pune, India, I completed the Course of Ajurvedic Beauty Care. Now I consult people with different skin problems to get them healthy again. I boil oils myself and as a hobby I make pastes and creams from Estonian and India plants.

  • 2018 in India. Marma points.

My goal and heart calling is to introduce Ayurveda as an ancient wisdom to estonian people. Ayurveda is in my heart because of it’s depth and connection to the nature. With daily practising I know how beneficial is to live accordance to myself and nature’s rythms, hug trees and connect with mother earth. To eat the way that I feel good in my body. 

In last year people have started to ask different massage courses. I accepted that challenge and after many courses lead by me, I feel excited and happy.

I follow ayurvedic lifestyle daily and every day I experience more how beneficial it is to my body and health. I am happy if I can share my knowledge to my friends and their friends and also to people who are interested. 

​Besides private consultation I give evening lectures and also longer weekend courses with practical study.

My goal is to teach how to take care of your health and wellbeing with simple tools. Reling on my family's experience I can tell it is possible and enjoyable.

Hari Om!